Dunderknit is home to the yarn-filled ramblings of a London-based Scot struggling with The Knit.

The name comes from the Scottish insult ‘Dunderheid’, used to indicate that someone is a few skeins short of a jumper.  (It’s also an insult that was levied at me in my primary school days – a not-so-witty play on my not-so-similar-sounding surname – and one that always makes me laugh.)  As an exceptionally new knitter, I would hope to avoid producing too many Dunderknits, but rest assured that when I do, I’ll be sure to share them here with whomever should stumble across them.  I’ll also try to divert attention away from these by talking of pretty, shiny things to be found elsewhere, both on the web and out in the real world.

When I’m not shouting at yarn, you’ll find me working for a mobile phone company, both at home and abroad, tweeting to all and sundry or singing with a fantastic London-based a cappella group.  Or spending hours gazing wistfully at other people’s FOs on Ravelry.