Hand-maid Marian

Having presented my Mum with her early Mother’s Day / Birthday present over the weekend (I know, it’s cheeky to combine them but one, they are always very close together and two, I’m still a very slow knitter!), she’s kindly sent down a couple of photos to show off her new cowl.


Marian CowlMarian Cowl 2







It’s Jane Richmond’s excellent Marian cowl knitted in simple seed stitch and while it’s far from complex, I really love the effect.  Using Rowan Big Wool in Mulberry, I took my lead from a few other Ravellers knitting it in the same yarn and cast on a full 99 stitches so it could be double-wrapped for added cosiness.

Having used Big Wool for my last two projects, I’ve really enjoyed how quickly the bulkier wool knits up and found it strange going back to projects on smaller needles afterwards.  Sadly now that the days are getting warmer, I think I’ll have to put much of Big Wool stash aside for later in the year or risk sweltering in chunky knits come June.  Sigh!

3 Comments on “Hand-maid Marian”

  1. Amy says:

    That looks gorgeous, what a lovely present for your mum! I have loads of Big Wool to use up in cream, this might be just the project for it 😀

    • captaincaz says:

      Thanks! It really is a great project – very quick to knit and exceptionally cosy – and would look lovely in cream. I made it a bit bigger than the original pattern, casting on 99 stitches and then just kept going until I’d used up both skeins, which means it’s big enough to double wrap, sit round your shoulders or use as a snood if it’s really cold. Do let me know how you get on and thank you again for your comment!

  2. Thea says:

    Your cowl looks great! I love seed stitch. It’s easy and looks elegant.

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