In which I acknowledge my rubbishness

To anyone who has visited this blog over the last few weeks, I can only apologise.  It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything like a regular update and I’m feeling incredibly guilty.

My only excuse is that work is entirely crazy at the moment as we’re about to launch a new phone in India so I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in sterile (and not-so-sterile) airports, unfamiliar hotels and various cabs in between.  Sadly this time spent away hasn’t been particularly productive on the knitting front either; Indian air authorities have been pretty hot on the no-needles-in-the-air rule and most evenings have seen me too frazzled to concentrate on much other than simple stockinette and BBC World News on a loop.  I promise you that business travel isn’t nearly as exotic as it sounds and anyone who says otherwise has never been to Delhi.

I have managed to get a few things finished though: an early birthday / Mothers’ Day present in the form of Jane Richmond’s Marian for my Mum (which I neglected to photograph before giving it to her so am hoping she’ll send over a pic of her wearing it so I can upload it to Flickr), Handmaiden’s In an Evening Toque and the first of two Great Weekend Mitts from the fabulously-named Lick the Light Switch blog by Wonderfallz.

Great Weekend Mitts

The second I saw these armwarmers on Ravelry I knew I had to make them.  The pic above doesn’t show them in their full final glory – I still had to add the ribbed placket down the left seam (non-functioning in my case – let’s not get over-ambitious!) as well as add buttons sewn down the placket at intervals.  After some stroking in stores and some poking around online, I chose to knit these in RYC Cashsoft 4ply which I adore, both for its super-softness and the great range of colours.  Because I’m clearly on some sort of mission to knit almost exclusively in grey and purple (or so it would seem) I went for a combination of silver-grey and darker granite to which I’ll add a black placket with black shiny buttons. Very much looking forward to the finished pair and the cosy wrists they’ll produce.

The In An Evening Toque is another fantastic pattern.  Again it was a Ravelry find and again once I saw the pictures I knew it was something I’d have to cast on for me in yet another shade of grey.  The yarn here is Rowan’s Big Wool in Oxydised, after I fell head-over-heels for this and another couple of shades on eBay.  Handmaiden was kind enough to email the pattern to me directly as she was having some problems with her blog at the time and I’m incredibly grateful to her for doing so as I adore this hat.  I tend to wear hats quite low on my forehead and so prefer those that are loose and unpatterned enough to avoid leaving brim imprints on my face (never a good look when at work!) and this fits the bill perfectly whilst also being incredibly cosy.  Highly recommended.

In An Evening Toque

As an aside, it’s also worth noting that the In An Evening Toque does exactly what it says on the tin. I am by no means a fast knitter but even I was able to knock this out in a couple of hours whilst half-watching telly. I now understand why knitting with big wool is so immensely satisfying! Mum’s Marian was also done in Rowan Big Wool (Mulberry) and completed in a couple of evenings – hoping to post some pictures of this soon.

In the meantime though, I apologise for my blogging absence and promise I’ll be less of a Dunderblogger over the next few days.

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