Loving greetings from a limbless bear

It’s been a quiet few days knitting-wise so I don’t have too much to report other than wishing one and all a very Happy Valentine’s Day.  While I’m usually a bit “bah humbug” about a day devoted to commercialisation, fluffy things and general lovey-dovey-tude, I will confess to being a little bit won over by a gorgeous bunch of flowers from my Boyfriend (whose scarf STILL remains unfinished – I know, I know!).  Plus I’m in the process of knitting a tiny Henri bear for my friend’s almost-newborn and despite being rather short on the limbs front, he does look rather adorable already.

Henri the Bear

4 Comments on “Loving greetings from a limbless bear”

  1. Thea says:

    Are those the flowers in the background? Awww. The bear is looking very cute. I like how his little ears are pointing backwards.

    • captaincaz says:

      Hi Thea – those are the flowers, or rather they were. Sadly they’ve long since wilted. I am a very lucky girl though. And Henri is indeed very sweet looking, though I can’t help thinking he’d appreciate a limb or two! Thanks again.

  2. MayaB says:

    Just wanted to say that I love the green background on your blog, but actually it is the name that caught my interest. It reminds me of a book I had when I was a child about a little fat Norwegian troll named Dunderklumpen, which translates in English to something like the “Dunder lump”. As I said, he was short, fat and cute, and so is your bear.

    • captaincaz says:

      Hahaha! How fantastic – I might have to rename Henri in Dunderklumpen’s honour. What a brilliant name. Definitely proof that there is a lot of Scandinavian influence in Scottish language, even today. Thanks for the comment about the green too – it was one of the main things that I loved about this theme. Thank you for the post too, much appreciated!

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