Coughs, colds and cowls

The sneezing season has got the better of me and I’m currently working from home to avoid infecting my coworkers with what feels like an Alien-style facehugger on the inside of my head.  Vastly unpleasant.  However, I thought I should make up for the lack of pictures in my last post by adding some photos of version two of the cowl, minus wine and associated atrocities.

Buttermilk Sky Cowl

I cast on my second attempt at the Buttermilk Sky cowl on Sunday and am progressing nicely, having realised that by using a 40cm cable I can just knit in the round and not worry about magic looping for a change.  It’s slightly tight at times, but I think that’s more to do with my tension than anything else.  With any luck I’ll have this one finished with enough time left over to knit the second one for my friend’s birthday.  And no, I haven’t touched a drop since Friday.

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