Keep it simple, Dunderknit

Having heeded Wikipedia’s warnings, I’ve started on a simple 2×2 rib stitch scarf for the other half. The simplicity of this was actually at his request; having knitted a swatch of the stitch used in the Sinful Ribbed Scarf by Classic Elite Yarns, he took one look at this and declared it was a bit ‘girly’. So rib stitch it is.

Ribbed Scarf

After hunting around for some suitable yarn, I stumbled across a few scarfs knitted in Lion Brand Wool Ease (Oxford Grey) and found it was a fairly cheap buy from online shop Café Knit in NW London. The other half agreed that this was an appropriately manly colour and upon its arrival was satisfied that it would provide the requisite masculine warmth and (ahem) softness.

Having already done one project in 2×2 rib, I’ll confess it’s starting to get a little dull. Still, I shall stick with this project and hope to avoid any of the Sweater Curse pitfalls, including the dreaded aversion. Here’s hoping.


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